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Three Star Owl is Guest Blogger on!

Great news!  Sharon Stiteler of fame ran a contest for guest-bloggers while she’s out of the country, and Three Star Owl is her selection for Friday’s guest post!  Regular Three Star Owl readers will recognize the entry as a post from this web journal, Vertical Napping Bark, which is one of my favorites because of the lucky shot of the Great horned owl with downy chick in a snag, demonstrating the beauty of Owly Invisibility very well.

[The image to the right is a digitally-altered photo of the breast feather vermiculation (= Latin for “wormy pattern”) that makes Great horned owls so invisible.]

If you’ve found your way to Three Star Owl from the Birdchick site, Welcome (Cranky Owlet says Hmph!), and take a look around: there’s lots of birdy art in the Gallery and Shop, and posts at the Journal on a variety of topics like birds, clay art, natural history and more!  Make yourself at home, and come back any time.

Thanks, Sharon, and have a great time in Guatemala!

Oh, and in my excitement, I forgot to mention that Swarovski Optik, makers of excellent binox and scopes, and beeooteeful crystal, is helping Sharon sponsor the contest.

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