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Unapologetic peddling of excellent objects: Three Star Owl Magnets — Everyone needs some!

And they’re not just for birders.

Brightly colored, biologically faithful yet spirited portraits of native birds, reptiles, and mammals, Three Star Owl Magnets will stick firmly to your fridge or your uncle’s steel cranial plate.  Celebrate a life-bird, a yard-bird, or a favorite bird, insect, reptile, amphibian or mammal — if I don’t have it in stock, request your species of choice, there’s no extra charge for special orders.  They’re easy to pack or mail because they’re small and sturdy, so they’re great as gifts, stocking-stuffers, or thank-you gifts for people who let you stay with them, your favorite birding guide or trip leader, the birder who put you on to the the Lesser Nighthawk you thought was a branch, or yourself.  You get the picture.

Each magnet is a brightly glazed stoneware tile with a strong magnet on the back, with deckled edges and the species name on the back.  The tiles vary in shape and size, but are approximately 2″ x 3″ and have lively, irregular outlines. They’re the most affordable item in the Three Star Owl repertoire, yet each one is a unique, entirely handmade and signed tiny Work of Art.  $16 each, or 3 for $45 (Shipping and insurance additional.  No bulk orders or wholesale, please).  More details (or, lots of the same ones all over again) on the Shop page.

For those who require a bit more item for their needs, be sure to check out the Hanging Wall Tiles — bigger, more detailed, and ready to hang with hand-made beads on faux-leather or copper wire hangers.

Please be aware that the magnets shown here are samples only, not all are in stock.  Inquire for availability.

Important note for birders: Three Star Owl is not responsible for jinxing people who purchase items with species they haven’t seen yet.  Like, you don’t see my fridge rocking a Great Gray Owl…

(For you unstoppable ID-ers, the magnets above from left to right and top to bottom are: Lazuli bunting, Lawrence’s goldfinch, Barn owl, Western tanager, Vermilion flycatcher, Blue grosbeak, Coralsnake, Costa’s hummingbird.)

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