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Beasties in the Raw

It’s the Return of the Beastie Pitcher! For those of you familiar with Three Star Owl Beastie Ware” — functional clayware that looks like it might nip your fingers, or wrestle the napkin holder to the ground — here’s a march of the beastie pitchers: three in-progress, highly textured pitchers in various stages of drying, destined (if they survive their ordeal of fire) for an Open Studio/sale coming up in just over a month. Stay tuned for more details!

Posted by Allison on Jan 23rd 2011 02:58 pm | One Comment
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  1. […] is a close-up of the finished surfaces of the same Beastie Pitchers shown in raw clay a couple of posts ago.  They, and other functional and sculptural ware, will be offered for sale […]

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