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Evidence of life in the tree tops: Rosella and Kereru

Left: Eastern Rosella feather (Platycercus eximius) with Kauri cone.  Rosellas are long-tailed, rainbow-colored Australian parrots who now live in NZ, too.

Below: Kereru feather (Hemiphaga novaeseelandiae, New Zealand Pigeon) on leaf.

The Kereru is a very large pigeon, much bigger than Rock Pigeons, whose striking white, iridescent green-maroon plumage and bright red feet and bill blend surprisingly into the shadows and light at the tree tops. It favors areas of native bush, especially where giant podocarp trees like totara or kauri still grow: big trees, big pigeons.  Kereru sallies out into the sunlight from the tops in a swooping display flight, its wings making a noticeable whistling whoosh.

(Photos: Feathers, A. Shock; Kereru, E Shock)

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