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Working nocturnally in the studio gives observation opportunities not available during the sunny daylight hours.  Geckos (the non-native Euro-variety) march up and down the raccoon-ravaged screens stalking moths larger than their heads.  Here’s a picture of the ventral surface of one with a successful catch, all swallowed but for the wings, the reflection of my red clay-water bucket and camera visible in the clay-spattered glass. (Photo A. Shock)

Unsolicited plug: For those of you into such things, there’s an invaluable new field guide available, Lizards of the American Southwest, a photographic fieldguide, edited by Lawrence Jones and Robert Lovich, published by Rio Nuevo Press just this month.  Authoritative, detailed, lavishly illustrated by good photos; maybe a little big for carrying into the field, but throw it into the car for that road trip to Northern Arizona or New Mexico.  It’s all in here!

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