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So much for 2015 – now here’s something super and bloody!

Even with all the, errr…. stuff that’s come down the pipes in a bit over a year, I was shocked – SHOCKED – to see that it’s been just over a year since I’ve posted anything here in

The less said about all that the better (I’m looking at you ID thief, Hurricane Norbert, prankish and bullying 2015 Monsoon season, Volkswagen, and anything else I may have forgotten that’s sucked the energy, concentration, and joie-de-vivre – not to mention short-term memory – out of me in the past 16 months).

So here’s last night’s Superbloodharvestocotillomoon Eclipse, shot from my driveway through ocotillo canes just as it’s coming out of totality. I’m pretty sure this was a narrow escape for the moon from the serpent’s bite of the Ocotillo’s thorny jaws (a lot like my escape from the past year). Clickit to embiggit, it’s better bigger:

ocotillomoonhoriz web


Posted by Allison on Sep 28th 2015 10:41 am | 2 Comments
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2 Responses to “So much for 2015 – now here’s something super and bloody!”

  1. sueon 09 Oct 2015 at 6:10 pm link comment

    heck I coulda tole you! I do sell my badgering services in several packages. Daily, weekly, bi-monthly, semi annually, millennially. (we’ll all be cloned by then, so an edition of me will still be available to noodge)

    I do still check the shop for goodies, but that must be a pain to keep up so I will not badger you about that. Someday, when the temp goes below 65 degrees, I may visit AZ again, perchance to catch one of your shows.

    Have a snug winter. I adored your image of the young doorstep yote. It takes a lot to melt my heart these days–feels like cast iron sometimes–but that one did it.

  2. Allisonon 14 Oct 2015 at 1:47 pm link comment

    LOL, Sue!
    I do *so* mean to get my shop up and running, and never seem to find the time. Maybe before this holiday season is in full-swing, she adds hopefully!

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