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Some swell cetaceans

NZ has lots of coastline, and there are plenty of opportunities to get out onto the sea.  During ferry trips, either getting to offshore islands or between big islands, or on small boats looking for sea birds, there’s almost always something to see — and not always birds.

Returning to the mainland from Tiri Tiri Matangi, the ferry captain spied a pod of orca feeding on sting rays in the relatively shallow water of the Hauraki Gulf — here’s the dorsal fin of a male.

On a pelagic trip off Kaikoura, eastern South Island, we came across a small group of endangered Hector’s dolphins — quite tiny dolphins with distinctive paddle-shaped dorsal fins.  There are actually two dolphins in this photo.  They’re a bit difficult to see, but there’s a dorsal fin visible on the left edge of the picture, and near the bottom right, (especially if you enlarge by clicking) you can see the shadow of a little dolphin just under the surface.  These guys were a bit shy, and didn’t sport around the boat.

(Photos E Shock)

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