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Haboob two

Another dust storm rolled over Phoenix just before sunset tonight, thirteen days after the doozy that hit us earlier in the month.  The first I knew of that one it was already on top of the house, its swirling dust choking out any light that was left in the sky.  I saw amazing photos of its onslaught, but I missed it myself, the beautiful and impressive start of the storm, and experienced only the gritty heart.  (I’m still cleaning up.)

But this one hit a bit earlier in the day, while it was still light, and farther to the west.  By going out onto the street in front of our house I was able to look towards Phoenix and see the brown snout of the leading edge engulf downtown.  The haboob was below a stack of cumulus clouds that kept its sullying gusts pressed to the skyline, while rays of clean sunlight streamed upward into an azure sky.  At the house, we only got a little dust, but uncharacteristically, that hasn’t settled.  The air is still and hazy, like a gray, hot mist.

Posted by Allison on Jul 18th 2011 08:18 pm | One Comment
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